Golden Ager's Painting

What I bring

What I Need From You

Acrylic paint, brushes, canvas, easels and

aprons, and an instructor full of encouragement!



Painting requires many supplies. To keep my costs down and painters happy I ask that you supply the following: paper/plastic plates, paper towels and plastic cups. I suggest buying plastic reusable tablecloths to protect furniture.


Help me provide a fun, social and entertaining learning environment while we make ART!

 Prices for Communities

$ 15.00

Per Painter

1-2 Hours, 5-20 Residents


Travel Fee $25 

(if outside Vancouver WA)

What this does for them

Art keeps the mind active, which has been found to reduce mental decline and help with depression. Classes are especially discounted for the elderly.

I encourage family and friends to join and paint alongside their loved one. They will thrive during these social events.

Painting  Options

New Moon
Flower Petals
A large pink daisy.
But First Coffee
A little pick me up, Hot Coffee!
New Love
Abstract Heart
Key to my Heart
Unlock the heart of someone you Love on Valentines day.
fluttering butterfly in tall grass
Budding Hearts
Love is growing and budding, love is in the air!
Budding Hearts #2
An Adorable Unicorn with Magic in the air!
dragonfly in a rainbow
Fluffy Birds
Colorful fluffy adorable birds!
make a wish and blow!
Bundle of hydrangeas
Bright blue daisy
Lucky Clover
Feeling Lucky on St. Patrick's Day with the hat of a Leprechaun.
Sheep Meadow
Sheep in a grassy meadow eating clovers
Easter Bunny
An adorable fluffy Easter Bunny.
Spring is blooming with lots of flowers in this garden.
Pot full of succulents in front of sunset.
Silhouette Humming Bird
A humming bird silhouette flying to a flower.
Willow Tree
colorful skyline with an old willow tree.
More Painting Options




Our Residents always look forward to painting with you Teresa! You do an amazing job.

~Fort Vancouver AL,  Activity Director

Had a blast at Teresa's class! Loved my painting! Cant wait to do it again!


~Evergreen Inn   

 Activity Director


Susan L.

My sister and I had a wonderful night  painting. It was a small group which made it very nice. We have already booked another painting! 

Judith E.

I had a good time. The instructor was very good and knowledgeable. She had lots of patience and was ready for assistance when needed.

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Hours of Operation:

Sunday: Closed

Monday: 1pm - 6pm

Saturday: 1pm - 7pm

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Silhouette Humming Bird

A humming bird silhouette flying to a flower.